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[seo_section_title title=”IMPROVED UNDERSTANDING AND OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS” desc=”In the pipeline industry today, many pipeline systems are operating well beyond their initial design life with the pipeline operators facing ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny on how they ensure the safe operation of their pipeline systems. As a result, it is vital that pipeline operators acquire a superior operational understanding of their pipeline systems.

By utilizing the latest in high-power computer and processing technologies, SimFlo provides pipeline operators – both large and small – with affordable access to highly accurate pipeline simulations designed to produce flexible, powerful reports to support improved understanding and decision making in pipeline operations and integrity management activities.”]

Physics Based Model

Developed on a physics based platform, the SimFlo simulator utilizes multicore computing power to complete thousands of complex simulations in seconds. Used and proven by consultants for over a decade, the SimFlo simulator provides accurate, timely results.

Pipeline Integrity Focus

With the increased focus on pipelines by regulators, environmentalist and the general public, SimFlo designed our simulator for use by pipeline integrity groups who typically may not have access to a high powered, physics based simulator. Instead of requesting and waiting for simulations from other internal departments or outside consultants, our pre-designed work flows enable pipeline personnel to complete their own simulations and address time sensitive issues without delays.

Subscription Service

As a cloud based simulator, the need for costly licenses and access limitations to specific hardware no longer applies.  With SimFlo’s on-demand access through any web-enabled device, clients lower their costs to complete day-to-day simulations for planning, operational, and/or safety/environmental checks with our unlimited access subscription service.  As well, our subscription service enables clients to select and pay for the specific work flows relevant to them; unlike traditional simulators where you have to pay for all the simulator’s capabilities even though you may only use a small portion.

Custom Consulting

Our expertise in pipeline flow and computer simulations enables us to provide insight into the most difficult pipeline issues. Whether it be the development of a custom simulation or completion of a pipeline study, SimFlo has the technical and experiential background to provide our client’s with both specific simulation work flows and/or actionable reports.

[seo_section_title title=”Leadership” colored_title=”Team” desc=”Success leadership is all about growing others.”]
[seo_team title=”Damian Flegel, P.Eng. MBA” links=”%5B%7B%22icon%22%3A%22fa%20fa-linkedin-square%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fca.linkedin.com%2Fin%2Fdamian-flegel-74418792%22%7D%5D” desc=”Mr. Flegel brings to SimFlo over 20 years of pipeline integrity experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining SimFlo, Damian has worked on both sides of the industry with experience working for a large pipeline company, as we as starting and managing a number of pipeline service companies. This combination of experience has provided Damian with unique insight into the needs of pipeline operators and solutions to pipeline integrity issues they face on a daily basis.”]
[seo_team title=”Damien Hocking, PHD.” links=”%5B%7B%22icon%22%3A%22fa%20fa-linkedin-square%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fca.linkedin.com%2Fin%2Fdamienhocking%22%7D%5D” desc=”Dr. Hocking has over 22 years of experience in the architecture and application of high-performance simulation software focused on providing solutions for the oil and gas industry. The holder of six US and Canadian patents, Damien is responsible for the development of the simulator. His experience as technical and team leader at Hyprotech, Aspen Technology, KBC Advanced Technologies and Computer Modelling Group, combined with his consulting role at MEG Energy Corp and HTRI has provided him with a unique understanding of software applications for addressing pipeline issues.”]

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