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Our Vision

We believe that all pipeline companies, large or small, should have the ability to better understand and optimize pipeline systems through the use of on demand software that provides unlimited access to user-friendly, reliable pipeline simulators.

It is our belief that with pipeline systems operating well beyond their initial design life and ever increased regulatory scrutiny, an increased level of operational understanding of existing pipeline systems is paramount in ensuring pipeline safety and reliability. By incorporating the latest advancements in high power computing hardware and processing, our vision is to provide pipeline companies and service providers, both large and small, with access to highly accurate and powerful pipeline simulation software that previously was only accessible to larger, more complex pipeline systems.

  1. Access to pipeline simulations should not be limited by licensing restrictions
  2. Simulations should be accessible on-demand through any computer or smart device connected to the Internet
  3. Highly accurate and powerful pipeline simulators should be available to the entire pipeline industry